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October 2014 Newsletter

This month, Mike offers four exercise lessons to improve posture.  He also highlights a kettlebell exercise to increase shoulder mobility.  Jeff stresses the importance of setting SMART goals, and Amy tells one member's story of success. Download Here

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September 2014 Newsletter

Mike covers calf strain prevention and recovery and offers detailed exercises to help.  The battle of the bulge is constant for some, but the good news is that we can fight back with muscle.  Jeff outlines the advantages of year round training, and two local schools start the year off right by welcoming our FITkids program as an after school enrichment opportunity for their students. Download Here

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August 2014 Newsletter

This month's focus is on fitness for life and includes information on maintaining successful exercise habits as we age along with agility ladder activities that meet many needs.  Meet two friends who are motivated by Fenton Fitness and each other, and a family who has found something for everyone. Download Here    

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July 2014 Newsletter

This month's articles include information on pain facts everyone should know, summaries of our latest programs M3B and FITkids, and news on how to improve your mobility with Active Isolated Stretching.  Links to video demonstration of the stretching exercises are available in the newsletter. Download Here

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