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March 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter PDFThis month, Mike O’Hara’s focus is on the ankle and how limited ankle mobility creates pain in many unsuspecting places. Take time to view the related video on soft tissue mobilization and sustained stretching.  Jeff highlights an athlete who is working hard to reach her full potential, and Amy shares one member’s inspiring success story after one year at Fenton Fitness. Mike rounds out this month’s newsletter with a few simple fitness formulas to help with fat loss, brain function, and physical independence.

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February 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter PDFAttached is the February 2015 Newsletter.  This month, Mike O’Hara gets back to the basics of human movement in his article Peltrunkula Training.  He demonstrates his four favorite beginner exercises to keep your body moving well and free of pain.  Mike and Jeff Tirrell both highlight the importance of preserving muscle mass and strength as key components in staying healthy and independent for a lifetime in their articles Older, Wiser, Stronger and How To Build Muscle and Strength. And one member shares her story of recovery using the resources available to her through Fenton Physical Therapy and Fenton Fitness.  We hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter.

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January 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter PDFIt’s that time of year again, and Fenton Fitness has never been in a better position to help you reach your health and fitness goals!  This month, Mike O’Hara offers five reasonable resolutions for the New Year that work and shares an eye-opening story about Exertional Rhabdomyolysis. You will also find highlights from our Fit For Life Seminar and introductory information about the 40 Day Body Transformation Challenge that begins February 7th.  With the coming of the new year, we are proud to introduce our Nutrition Coaching program.  We are now be expertly qualified to help you see optimal results! Thank you for reading our articles and sharing them with your friends.  Your positive feedback keeps us working to bring you the most updated and relevant information to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Download Here

December 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter PDFThis month, Mike targets labral tears in the hip.  Learn the signs, symptoms, and prevention suggestions for this “clicking” time bomb.  The half-kneeling push is one of the best functional strengthening exercises.  Mike demonstrates 3 variations of this productive exercise to help you create a better hip to shoulder connection. Read about one member’s quest to live in the moment.  We hope it inspires you to set adventurous goals in 2015!  With the coming of the new year, we are proud to introduce our Nutrition Coaching program.  We will now be expertly qualified to help you see optimal results!  Learn more at our first educational event for members as well as the general public.

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November 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter_PDFThis month, get the answers to all your knee pain questions and see Mike’s top exercise picks to wake up the muscles that move you.  In January, Fenton Fitness will host its first educational event for members as well as the general public.  See the flyer in the newsletter for details about our Fit For Life Seminar and sign up early to receive your discounted rate!  As we head into the holiday season, read about all the different ways to give the gift of fitness to your friends and family. Give the gift that really matters– the gift of good health.

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October 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter PDFThis month, Mike offers four exercise lessons to improve posture.  He also highlights a kettlebell exercise to increase shoulder mobility.  Jeff stresses the importance of setting SMART goals, and Amy tells one member’s story of success.

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September 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter PDFMike covers calf strain prevention and recovery and offers detailed exercises to help.  The battle of the bulge is constant for some, but the good news is that we can fight back with muscle.  Jeff outlines the advantages of year round training, and two local schools start the year off right by welcoming our FITkids program as an after school enrichment opportunity for their students.

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August 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter PDFThis month’s focus is on fitness for life and includes information on maintaining successful exercise habits as we age along with agility ladder activities that meet many needs.  Meet two friends who are motivated by Fenton Fitness and each other, and a family who has found something for everyone.

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July 2014 Newsletter

Newsletter PDFThis month’s articles include information on pain facts everyone should know, summaries of our latest programs M3B and FITkids, and news on how to improve your mobility with Active Isolated Stretching.  Links to video demonstration of the stretching exercises are available in the newsletter.

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