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To begin your trial, visit Fenton Fitness at anytime and sign up.

AssessmentYour trial begins with a Fitness Assessment with Program Director, Jeff Tirrell.  An assessment is a functional movement screening designed to identify your areas of strength and weakness.  Jeff will guide you through seven movement patterns to assess your mobility, flexibility, and strength.  This consult  ensures that your individualized program has purpose and intensity.  The assessment also gives you an opportunity to discuss your goals.  Jeff then uses his knowledge and expertise to design a program to meet your needs, optimize your performance, and reduce your risk of injury.

We encourage you to try the services included with your trial.  You also have full access to the gym.  (For a description of all of our training programs click here.)  Our sales and training staff will stay in touch to answer any questions you may have.  After your trial, you can sign up for the level of annual membership that best suits your needs: choose from 1-on-1 Personal Training, Semi-Private Training, Unlimited Team Training, Program Design, or Basic Membership.  Whichever you choose, we’re confident we can help you succeed.

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