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Making The Most Of Your Time

Making The Most of Your Time

Making The Most of Your Time

The last several weeks, going back to March 16th when much of the state of Michigan started shutting down seems surreal.  The disruption from our normal routines can be stressful and frustrating due to the apparent lack of control over the situation.  I think it’s important to keep some things in mind during this time.  I’ve seen many individuals comment on how much weight they are going to gain during this period of time or how their fitness is going to decrease due to not being able to maintain their normal training program.

There are many reasons that weight gain could happen.  These include mindless eating, having a wide selection of available food available, being in close proximity to food, emotional/stress eating, and boredom eating.  It’s important to remember that some weight gain is not the end of the world.  Eventually life will return to “normal”, and our normal eating patterns will resume.  In regards to fitness, know that it’s not too hard to maintain a fitness level once it’s been achieved.  Shoot for training your entire body every 48-72 hours, do 2-3 hard sets for each exercise/movement pattern.  Move daily (at least 20 minutes) and don’t stress any more than you can help it.

With our nutrition clients we talk about a concept that Precision Nutrition popularized called the Spheres of Control shown below.

During times like this, it is incredibly important to focus on the things in our control such as our actions, mindset, and effort.  To a lesser degree, focus on things that you have some level of control over such as anticipating daily challenges, your schedule, your environment, and your support network.  As best, you can try to give the things outside of your control little to no thought.  This can be a great time to implement some foundational nutrition such as eating slow, stopping at 80% full, including lean protein at each meal, and having colorful veggies at each meal.  If you are someone who is currently off work and has an excess amount of time on your hands, you can add in more daily movement such as walking, biking, hiking, etc.

Make the best of things, control what you can, don’t beat yourself up.  If you need help with anything, just need to talk, need some training ideas, or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out: 810-618-0464.

Jeff Tirrell, CSCS, Pn2


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