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Fenton Fitness is not simply another place to workout!  Our top priority is to provide high quality training services to get you started on your journey toward improved health and fitness, or to assist those who are already working out toward reaching their fitness goals.

Whatever your goal–you need to lose some fat, reduce the stress in your life, or get healthy we are the professionals that will solve your fitness problems.  Our team of physical therapists, trainers, and nutrition coaches are dedicated to helping you become as strong, fit, and healthy as you have ever been.

“We have been changing lives since 1998.  We believe that we offer the most effective, safe, and dynamic programs–but talk is cheap.  Come meet our team, experience our culture, and let us prove it to you.  Try out 30 day trial membership and see for yourself.”

SIGN UP FOR OUR 30 DAY TRIAL: Here’s what you get.

Your 30 day trial starts with a fitness assessment performed by Program Director, Jeff Tirrell.  This assessment includes a screening that identifies your areas of strength and weakness and a discussion of your fitness and nutrition goals.  Jeff then designs a program specifically for you.  Also included in your trial are two small group training sessions, all of our team training classes, and full access to the fitness center for 30 consecutive days.  It’s a great way to to experience all we have to offer.

Fenton Fitness offers training options that will fit anyone’s needs.

  • Program Design
  • Team Training
  • Semi-Private Training
  • 1 on 1 Personal Training

Nutrition Coaching is also available.

Fenton Fitness now offers nutrition coaching to help you reach your fitness goals.  Nutrition programs are designed and monitored by Program Director, Jeff Tirrell, CSCS, CSFC, Pn1.  For more information contact Jeff at 810-750-0351 or jeff or click here.

Resources from Fenton Fitness

To help you along the way, we offer the following resources to help you reach your fitness goals;

Maybe you need more motivation.

Maybe you need some support.

Maybe you want to get out of pain and feel better.

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