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D Day

D Day A Simple Immune System Assist During the pandemic quarantine, anything we can do to optimize the function of our immune system is a plus.  Please take the time to read the recent *article in the Wall Street Journal on Vitamin D and its impact on a healthy immune system.  Dr. Vastal G. Thakkar presents some interesting data and makes a good argument for supplementations.  Vitamin D is inexpensive and adding it to your diet just may keep you on the good side of a viral interaction. *Vitamin D and Coronavirus Disparity, V. Thakkar, Wall Street Journal, April 16, 2020 View article here Mike O’Hara PT, OCS, CSCS

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Balance Building Blocks

Balance Building Blocks Over the last six months, Nancy had taken two tumbles.  Fortunately, she had not suffered anything worse than a bruise on her hip and an injured ego.  She brought in an advertisement for a balance training device and asked me if it would improve her balance.  Nancy attended the gym three days a week and lived a fairly active life.  After an evaluation of her balance, she was instructed on a series of drills that addressed her needs.  No special equipment was necessary and she could perform the routine at home and at the gym.  Four weeks later, Nancy returned for a re-evaluation and was happy to have improved on all of the balance tests.  Nancy felt…

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