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Making The Most of Your Time

Making The Most of Your Time The last several weeks, going back to March 16th when much of the state of Michigan started shutting down seems surreal.  The disruption from our normal routines can be stressful and frustrating due to the apparent lack of control over the situation.  I think it’s important to keep some things in mind during this time.  I’ve seen many individuals comment on how much weight they are going to gain during this period of time or how their fitness is going to decrease due to not being able to maintain their normal training program. There are many reasons that weight gain could happen.  These include mindless eating, having a wide selection of available food available,…

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Dead Bug Exercise Variations

Dead Bug Exercise Variations Dead Bugs are one of our favorite core stability exercises that we use here at Fenton Fitness.  This can be one of our first exercises used with a deconditioned client, post rehab client, etc.  It can also be progressed for even the most advanced trainee.  If you can lie on your back (which almost everyone can), you can do some form of dead bug.  Dead Bugs work the anterior core by resisting extension in the lumbar spine (low back) and teach you to stabilize your ribs and pelvis.  This is a vital function of the core both for performance (walking, sprinting, jumping, throwing) and for injury reduction.  You use the opposite arm/leg like you would when…

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March 2020 Newsletter

In this month's issue, Mike O'Hara,PT gives exercises to strengthen the shoulder--in particular the serratus anterior. Demonstration of the exercises can be viewed on our youtube channel using the link in the article. Mike also wrote an article on training to restore foot function and Jeff Tirrell discusses the pros and cons of eating bread. Download Here

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Essential Movements for Life

Essential Movements for Life Maintaining the ability to sit and stand is essential to living your life to the fullest and staying active. If you want to continue to live life the the fullest it's important that you can sit and stand with ease and control--whether it's sitting at the table, on the couch, toilet, etc. The minimum level of function we want out of our older adults (60+ years old) is to be able to sit/stand with perfect control to a box or seat 16" off the ground for 10 relatively easy repetitions. Bonus points would be getting down to (or slightly below) parallel. For most individuals under 6 feet tall, this equates to a 10-12 inch box, for…

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Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Home Workouts

Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Home Workouts With the recent nationwide closures of many gyms along with many other businesses due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s left many people spinning trying to figure out how to maintain their healthy lifestyle.  Many of us have taken for granted how nice it is to have a well-equipped gym to train at that offers a variety of training options, equipment, and simply the motivation of not being in our home around various distractions.  While all of us who regularly exercise know the physical value of exercise, some of us forget the mental benefits, such as stress relief.  During this period of time, here are some simple suggestions on how to…

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Sledding Your Way to Better Fitness–Part 8

Sledding Your Way to Better Fitness--Part 8 Hand Over Hand Sled Pull Sleds have become an increasingly popular tool in the fitness world over the last decade.  No longer reserved for the football team, more and more individuals are finding the value of weighted sleds for a variety of fitness goals.  Louis Simmons started using them at his powerlifting gym Westside Barbell in Ohio as a means of active recovery and to build overall work capacity in the 90’s.  Since that time, you’d be hard pressed to find a decent gym that doesn’t have a space where you can work with a sled.  At Fenton Fitness, we’ve been using them with our athletes, general fitness population, and geriatric population for…

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