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Team Training

Led by Certified Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists, our Team Training Classes are designed to meet the needs of members at all fitness levels and provide a motivating group exercise experience.

Suspension Shred

Suspension Shred is designed to maximize strength, endurance, and metabolic function. With TRX Suspension Trainers at its core, the class incorporates other exercise modalities to help improve work capacity, strength, and conditioning. The advantage of suspension training is that it can be scaled to most fitness levels using progressions and regressions.  Come prepared to work—downtime is minimal and caloric expenditure is high.

Metabolic Conditioning (Met Con)

This is our most cardio-intensive class.  Fast paced and motivating, this class will take you from an obstacle course warm up (agility ladders, hurdles, step boxes) to our Move Strong functional playground (battling ropes, medicine balls, slam balls) in an interval style workout sure to shed those extra pounds.

Total Body Training (TBT)

Burn calories, build lean body mass, and boost your metabolism with this dynamic, full-body strength workout.  Kettlebells, suspension trainers, barbells, dumbbells, and your own body weight challenge you to increase your strength and stay fit for a lifetime.

Great Eight

Optimal performance training involves eight essential movement patterns:  Squat (equal hip and knee bend), hip hinge (minimal knee bend and max hip bend), vertical and horizontal pull, some kind of a carry, and getting up and down off the floor.  Look back through your entire week of training and assess if you moved through all eight.  If not, join us for a session of Great Eight.  In one hour, we will cover all eight essential movement patterns.  Get your minimal weekly dose of the great eight with one simple—not easy—hour of exercise.

Ground Force

This fast paced, 45 minute class is a neurological wake up call for your entire body.  Minimal equipment is needed to challenge your strength and mobility as you move through this unique class designed to increase your durability.

Move More, Move Better (M3B)

Semi_Private_TrainingTake time to fit in one of these active recovery sessions each week. Designed by our Physical Therapists, M3B targets the neglected areas of human performance and encourages mobility and movement quality.  Plan on attending these classes along with our other team training classes to balance out your fitness program.