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Core Progressions–Part 3

Core Progressions–Part 3

Core Progressions–Part 3

Band Resisted Rollouts

At Fenton Fitness, we love training the core to be a strong, stiff stabilizer.  The stronger and more stable the core becomes, the lower the risk of injury to the spine, and the more strength and power the rest of the body can display.  Over the next few weeks, we will present five unique core progressions we’ve been using at Fenton Fitness over the last year that we’ve really been enjoying.  Check them out, give them a try, and let us know what you think.  All progressions will be posted on our website.

Band Resisted Rollouts–  Most fitness enthusiasts are familiar with ab wheel rollouts.  Here at FFAC, we start clients with Physioball rollouts, then kneeling TRX fallouts, then Sorinex dolly rollouts. While these can be loaded slightly by placing a small plate or sandbag on your lower back, there are some limits.  To further challenge the anti-extension properties of our core musculature (primarily the transverse and rectus abdominis), there are two variations that we like for our advanced clients.  The Band resisted ab rollout makes the abs work harder in the shortened position, where as a traditional rollout gets progressively easier as you return to the start position.

Set Up: Loop a resistance band around the distal portion of the Sorinex dolly.  Attach a carabiner to the far side of the resistance band and attach that to something stable that won’t move.  Set your distance so that there is mild tension at the end range of the exercise and then pull it back into your starting position.  Drive your hips forward while simultaneously reaching overhead.  Once you can no longer maintain lumbopelvic control, reverse the movement and return to your starting position.  The hips and shoulders should extend and flex at the same tempo during the entire movement.

View video demonstration here

Jeff Tirrell, CSCS, CSFC, Pn1

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