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Essential Movements For Life

Essential Movements for Life

Essential Movements for Life

Maintaining the ability to sit and stand is essential to living your life to the fullest and staying active.

If you want to continue to live life the the fullest it’s important that you can sit and stand with ease and control–whether it’s sitting at the table, on the couch, toilet, etc.

The minimum level of function we want out of our older adults (60+ years old) is to be able to sit/stand with perfect control to a box or seat 16″ off the ground for 10 relatively easy repetitions.

Bonus points would be getting down to (or slightly below) parallel. For most individuals under 6 feet tall, this equates to a 10-12 inch box, for those taller individuals this equates to 12-14 inch box height.

If pain is present in the back, hips, or knees simply use a taller box, and/or give yourself more assistance until your ready to progress.

Watch for video for some exercise suggestions here.

Jeff Tirrell, CSCS, CSFC, Pn1

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