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Half Kneeling Leverbell Chop

Half Kneeling Leverbell Chop

Half Kneeling Leverbell Chop

The hip joints and lumbar spine work as teammates to create pain free and efficient movement.  When we run, jump, swing, and throw, the hip must move and the lumbar spine stays stable.  Most of us need more hip mobility and greater lumbar spine stability.  An activity that delivers both of these traits is the half kneeling leverbell chop.

Leverbell is the new, and better name, for a mace.  It is a metal bar with a heavy ball on one end.  The offset load of the leverbell produces a dynamic resistance that makes it an effective tool for stabilization training.  Read this article and watch the video.

Set up in a genuflexion position with the right knee resting on an Airex pad and the left foot in line with the left hip.  When you are learning this exercise, choose a lighter mace.  For most, a seven pound leverbell is more than enough resistance.  Hold the leverbell with the heavy end pointed upward on the left side.  The left hand is on the top of the leverbell, the right on the bottom.  Brace the abdominal and gluteal muscles so the pelvis does not move and the lumbar spine stays stationary.  Perform a diagonal chop, upward and across the body.  Complete fifteen steady repetitions on each side.

Common mistakes are setting up with the front foot far out the side–it should line up with the hip.  Keep the head pulled back and the chest proud.  Less load often produces a better training response.  It is not uncommon for one side to be more challenging.  Start with the more difficult side.

Try this…

Fitness clients with a history of lower back pain should use this exercise as a pre-training neural activation drill.  It will reboot the neuromuscular connections so often inhibited by injury, surgery, and debility.  I like to program this exercise in between sets of more demanding exercises.  “Active rest” activities allow the client to get more benefit for the time spent in a training session.  Take two or three trips through this simple routine.

1) Push Ups

2)  Half Kneeling Leverbell Chop- right knee down

3)  Sled Pulls

4) Half Kneeling Leverbell Chop- left knee down

View the video: here

Michael S. O’Hara, PT, OCS, CSCS


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