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Meet Susan Lonie

Meet Susan Lonie

Meet Susan Lonie

Susan’s Story
“For most of my adult life, I have been involved with various types of exercise. I’ve participated in aerobics and weight lifting, along with a variety of classes that were available at the various gyms I’ve belonged to. While these activities have kept me active, they haven’t specifically addressed my growing interest and needs for proper nutrition and for strength, balance, and mobility.

Three years ago, I sustained a shoulder injury. Working out very carefully and on my own did not keep my shoulder from regularly going out of place. I finally made my way in to Fenton Fitness and gave the Trial Membership a chance to help me. It was the solution to my shoulder problems. I’ve benefited greatly from the Program Design, Suspension Shred class, and the Semi Private training. I am thrilled to say that my shoulder is like new and that I have not had any trouble with it since I began my strength training at this facility.

Since I was having great success with my strength training, I thought I would investigate the Precision Nutrition coaching program. I really had no idea if this was a program that could help me or even if I needed it. After my initial assessment, I discovered that I could benefit from the program and that I most definitely needed it. While participating in the Nutrition Coaching over the past several months, I have been able to bring all of my basic health markers to a normal range. I have lost inches and pounds and have improved my overall body composition.

The successes that I’ve enjoyed over the past several months are a direct result of the expert trainers and coaches that I have been able to work with. All of the trainers are very knowledgeable and approachable. They are always able to answer any questions that I have, whether it be about nutrition, exercise adaptations and form, or stretching. They always go the extra mile to make sure that everything that I’m doing is correct and proper for me. The overall atmosphere, classes, training, and members make Fenton Fitness a wonderful place to achieve your training, health, and performance goals.

I like that the program helps me to live in the moment with concentrating on only one thing at a time, and doing that one thing well.”- Susan L.

Trainer’s Perspective
Susan first came to FFAC in the fall of 2018. When she came in, she had routinely been dealing with shoulder discomfort that continued to get aggravated when participating in her previous fitness endeavor of Jazzercise. Her initial assessment revealed poor overall movement quality with a score of 10 out of 21 on the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), very low strength, and a BMI of 27.5 (20-24 is considered healthy). Susan was on various medications at the start of her time with us. She was ready for a change and ready to put in the work. She jumped into Semi Private Personal Training sessions and nutrition coaching. From the start, Susan has worked with one of our trainers once per week, will come in and follow her personalized training plan two separate days each week, and join in on our Team Training classes 1-2 more days each week. Her spring 2019 assessment showed an increase in overall strength of 20% and improvement in movement quality from 10 to 11 on the FMS. Her last measurements for nutrition follow up show her BMI down to 23.6, a drop in body weight of 14%, and a drop in body fat percentage of 7%. The amazing thing with Susan is that she has gone out west two or three times for extended periods of time over the last year and has continued to improve, eat well, and follow her training plan in the midst of all the travel. Susan has been able to get off of one of her medications entirely and was able to reduce a second medication. She has worked hard, been consistent, and is a great example of some who made a lifestyle change.

Jeff Tirrell, CSCS, CFSC, Pn1

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