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Nutrition_CoachingAt Fenton Fitness, we’ve created a nutrition program to help you stay the course.

Steps to Success

  • Schedule an assessment with Jeff Tirrell, Program Director and Pn1 Nutrition Coach
  • Create a food log to increase awareness of your intake
  • Review your food log with Jeff and discuss your short and long term goals
  • Determine the starting point for nutritional advice through assessment and evaluation
  • Follow the nutritional suggestions Jeff offers along with the fitness routine created for you
  • Receive accountability and support through bi-weekly follow up appointments
  • Measure progress and your plan will be adjusted accordingly
  • Choose from 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months
  • Read more about nutrition coaching with Jeff Tirrell here: Pro Coach

Nutrition Success Stories

Members who have followed the steps and found consistency in their workouts and eating habits have enjoyed success in our Nutrition Program.  This is what they have to say:

“I appreciated the emphasis on eating properly with a focus on getting proper nutrition rather than on what not to eat.  It was easy to incorporate the dietary changes and the results were immediate!”

“My sleep quality improved, my energy is up, and my workouts are more productive.”

“The best part was the accountability.  Knowing I had to check in every week to measure progress kept me on track.”

“I learned a lot about portions, calories, and making better choices regarding foods.  I have made changes in my daily routine that I can continue as a lifestyle that is easy to maintain.”

For more information, contact Jeff Tirrell at 810-750-0351 or jeff@fentonfitness.com.

Train Smarter.  Eat Healthier.  Perform Better.