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At Fenton Fitness and Fenton Physical Therapy, our goal is to educate our clients on lifelong fitness, injury prevention, proper performance of exercise, and the benefits of physical therapy intervention for injuries.  Several resources are available for you to learn more about our approach to fitness and health:


  • Newsletters: Written monthly, our newsletters provide information on injuries as well as their prevention and treatment, profiles of our members, the latest information on new programs at the club and more.
  • Email: Sign up for our email service and receive articles, newsletters, club news, and more delivered to you.
  • Blog ( Written by physical therapist Mike O’Hara, it’s where you will find easy to understand articles, videos, and more.  Visit often or use the search tool to find the information you’re looking for.
  • E-Books ( Titles available for download include What Your Knees Want You To Know–An Effective and Essential Injury Prevention Program, Brain Safe–Preventing Concussions With Proper Training, and Long May You RunEach E-Book contains a link to our youtube channel where you will find demonstrations of the exercises outlined in the book
  • YouTube ( Here you will find videos of exercises that accompany our written articles and newsletters.
  • Facebook ( Like us on Facebook.  Stay up to date on everything that happens in the club.
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