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Stronger Warrior

Stronger Warrior

Stronger Warrior

Joint mobility that is not accompanied by adequate strength is a common cause of pain.
Many people are able to fold themselves into joint positions that expose the hips, shoulders, and spine to damaging levels of stress. Dedication to a training routine that develops both stability and mobility will improve motor control and decrease injury. Try the mobility stick warrior pose.

Mobility Stick Warrior Pose

Take a wide but still comfortable stance. Turn the right foot out so that it is set at a 90 degree angle in relationship to the left foot. Position a long mobility stick vertically in front of the right foot. Grip the middle of the stick with the right hand and the top of the stick with the left hand. Slowly move into the yoga split hip position of a “warrior pose”. Push out into the stick with the right arm as you pull down on the stick with the left arm. Keep the left knee straight and bend the right knee toward the mobility stick. Hold tension on the stick and breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. Start with a ten second hold and work your way up to longer durations. Alternate sides and strive to build a deeper and stronger warrior pose.

View video of Mike doing the warrior pose: here.

Michael O’Hara, PT, OCS, CSCS

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