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Puffed Up Mortality Rates

Puffed Up Mortality Rates The corona virus death data from other countries is scary.  My prediction is that smoking will be implicated in higher coronavirus mortality.  The lungs are adversely impacted by smoking.  The coronavirus is a respiratory illness that invades the lungs.  Just over 50% of Chinese men smoke and 30% of Italian men smoke.  In the USA, 18% of the men and 13% of the women smoke.  The CDC tells us that smoking is responsible for just over 480 thousand American deaths last year.  That comes to 1300 deaths a day.  Strong leaders, truly interested in improving public health, should take this opportunity to dramatically raise the tax on tobacco.  A pack of cigarettes should cost at least…

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In Times of Peace

In Times of Peace America is at war with the corona virus.  Our best defense is a vaccine, but that weapon is 12 to 18 months away.  At present, we are focused on “social distancing” to reduce the number of severely ill citizens we have to manage at any one time.  The hope is that less proximity will limit the transmission of the virus and reduce the stress on the health care system.  The duration of this strategy is uncertain and the trade-offs with other aspects of our communal wellbeing have become a concern.  To my friends from the now shuttered Fenton Fitness, I have a short message. Stay consistent. Exercise is the optimal booster of the immune system.  My…

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Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Home Workouts

Five Ways To Get The Most Out Of Home Workouts With the recent nationwide closures of many gyms along with many other businesses due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s left many people spinning trying to figure out how to maintain their healthy lifestyle.  Many of us have taken for granted how nice it is to have a well-equipped gym to train at that offers a variety of training options, equipment, and simply the motivation of not being in our home around various distractions.  While all of us who regularly exercise know the physical value of exercise, some of us forget the mental benefits, such as stress relief.  During this period of time, here are some simple suggestions on how to…

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