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Curbing Binge Eating

Curbing Binge Eating Jenny was a new client a few years back. She started training four to five times per week consistently. She ate a healthy diet, most of the time. After three weeks of training and not seeing the scale budge, Jenny came to me with frustration. She did not understand why she wasn’t seeing her expected results when she was training consistently and “eating really well”. She began to wonder if she was eating too little, incorrect foods, or eating at the wrong times. Was there a supplement missing from her diet? What changes needed to be made in order for her to see results? I asked her to log her food intake and activity as accurately as…

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33 Thousand Norwegians Can’t All Be Wrong

33 Thousand Norwegians Can't All Be Wrong This month the Lancet published a *study that demonstrated the profound impact exercise has on brain health.  The health data of over 33 thousand Norwegians from the Trondheim region was tracked from the 1980’s to the present.  The best health studies are supposed to have many participants and cover a long time span.  The Norwegians have both of these parameters well covered.  The research revealed that the group of Norwegians that maintained the highest cardiorespiratory fitness levels had significantly less risk of dementia.  Further good news was that the participants that started on a program of fitness later in life still experienced a significant decrease in the risk of dementia. The goals of…

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