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Miracle Fitness Mineral

Miracle Fitness Mineral Improve Every Aspect of Fitness with Daily Use of This Mineral It will enhance bone density better than calcium.  It will decrease muscle soreness more rapidly than magnesium.  It is more potent than potassium.  It will make you shinier than chromium and vaster than vanadium.  The miracle mineral you are missing is graphite.  Use of this long-neglected mineral will improve nearly every aspect of your fitness.  The dose required for success is minimal, so a single ten cent pencil should last you an entire year.  Read the remainder of this article on how to put this essential element into your training program. You need to purchase a note pad, binder, or log book to store the pencil…

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Habit Helpers

Habit Helpers Getting Better at the Fitness Process Fitness is a motivational mind game.  The psychology department at the University of Michigan has found that it takes six to eight weeks to develop the habit of exercise.  If you can get a participant to remain consistent for that period of time, their chances of staying with a program will be good.  Setting appropriate goals provides the ongoing psychological reinforcement necessary to develop and maintain the fitness habit.  The type of goal you choose can make a big difference in your chances of success. Most fitness clients set outcome goals—they want to lose twenty pounds, drop two dress sizes, run a 10 kilometer race, perform ten pull ups, etc…  Outcome goals…

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Morning Exercise Habit

Morning Exercise Habit Success in any fitness program is based on consistency.  Train, eat, sleep, repeat produces amazing results if carried out over a long period of time.  Several studies have found that those of us who exercise in the morning miss fewer workouts and are more dedicated to a fitness lifestyle.  When you exercise in the morning no unscheduled life events have a chance to develop which often happens when you work out in the afternoon.  While everyone else is dozing, you can train and no one misses you at home or work.  It takes the guilt out of spending time on yourself instead of tending to the needs of your family, work, and home. Many people look at…

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