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Muscle and a Healthier Heart

Muscle and a Healthier Heart 10 Year Study: More Muscle=Less Cardiovascular Disease The Attica Study is a large-scale, multi-year health evaluation of over 3000 Greek men and women.  A significant finding to come out of this study is the correlation muscle mass has with better cardiovascular health in men.  The men with the most muscle mass at the start of the study had an 81% lower risk of heart disease ten years later.  The correlation with women may take longer to happen as heart disease starts later in the female population.  We are beginning to understand that muscle is more than just a movement engine.  Muscle is the largest endocrine organ in the body and it has a significant influence…

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December 2018 Newsletter

Mike O'Hara gives tips for aging gracefully and staying fit in his article, The Five Don'ts of Sustainable Fitness. Learn the importance of increasing mobility and stability in order to get stronger, and discover how a simple test that measures how well you get up from the floor can tell a lot about whether or not your fitness program is working. Download Here

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November 2018 Newsletter

To combat the effects of aging, consistent exercise is key.  Mike O'Hara discusses the benefits of fitness and gives tips on starting and continuing a program of exercise for life in his article, The Three Do's of Sustainable Fitness.  Jeff Tirrell of Fenton Fitness gives nutrition tips for athletes and Mike's exercise for better posture and more efficient movement is the bird dog. Download Here

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August 2018 Newsletter

That pain in your arm or hand could be coming from somewhere else. Read Mike O'Hara's article, Changing Locations to find out more. Jeff Tirrell gives nutrition tips and Mike discusses the benefits of using an agility ladder. Download Here

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July 2018 Newsletter

Stay independent longer by increasing your stair climbing capacity. Mike O'Hara shows you how in his article, "Keep Climbing". Mike also discusses standing desks and the many benefits of standing while working. Jeff Tirrell explains the effect of exercise on appetite. Download Here

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June 2018 Newsletter

Our June issue brings information on preventing neck pain by strengthening your neck. Mike O'Hara describes and demonstrates in a video exercises that will help strengthen the muscles of your neck. In another article, Mike tells how grip strength can be a predictor of early death in some patients. Be sure to read Jeff Tirrell's article on performance based training. Download Here

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