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Focus Factor

Focus Factor Putting More F In Your Training Program I use a simple formula to assess a physical therapy patient or fitness client’s potential for success. The formula has two components. The first component is a percentage. For a physical therapy patient, it is percent compliance to home exercises/activity modification. For fitness clients, it is percent compliance with the prescribed training schedule. The second component is the focus intensity level created by the patient or client. The F factor is by far the most significant influencer of a rehab/training outcome. The Focus Factor is a whole number score from zero to fifteen. Observation of performance allows the therapist / trainer to make an educated assessment of mental effort. I often…

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January 2020 Newsletter

Our January issue contains some great information to make you successful in your training program.  Read Mike's article,"Hold a Row" for tips on preventing neck and shoulder pain and improving posture.  Mike also explains how goal setting can impact your program, and Jeff Tirrell tells how to improve nutrition habits by making positive changes rather than following a list of don'ts. Download Here

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Balance Building Blocks

Balance Building Blocks Over the last six months, Nancy had taken two tumbles.  Fortunately, she had not suffered anything worse than a bruise on her hip and an injured ego.  She brought in an advertisement for a balance training device and asked me if it would improve her balance.  Nancy attended the gym three days a week and lived a fairly active life.  After an evaluation of her balance, she was instructed on a series of drills that addressed her needs.  No special equipment was necessary and she could perform the routine at home and at the gym.  Four weeks later, Nancy returned for a re-evaluation and was happy to have improved on all of the balance tests.  Nancy felt…

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December 2019 Newsletter

Our last newsletter of the year brings information on improving posture. Mike and Jeff demonstrates simple exercises that will help improve posture. Jeff's article on doing warm ups prior to exercising details the areas that should be warmed up and tells how to do this. See the last page for some exciting new training programs that will be available in 2020. Download Here

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December 2016 Newsletter

In this issue, Mike O'Hara, PT gives ten reasons to love lunges. Video of lunge exercises/progressions are included. In Going Grizzly, Mike presents the exercise combination of Crawls and Sandbag Carries; a combination that helps you train more efficiently and move better. Watch the video for instruction on these exercises. See page three for an inspirational story of a Fenton Fitness member. Download Here  

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