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Split Squat 101 (Part 2–Kettlebell and Dumbbell Loaded)

Split Squat 101 Part 2--Kettlebell and Dumbbell Loaded At Fenton Fitness, we love the Split Squat.  This exercise can be modified for beginners or injured clients, and can be progressed to be one of the most challenging lower body movements you will ever do.  We love the Split Squat because it challenges balance, works all the major muscles of the legs, and depending on the variation, it can be a great core exercise as well.  We don’t have to use nearly as much weight as a standard bilateral squat which is great for people with lower back or neck issues that don’t tolerate high levels of compressive forces very well.  We can progress/regress the Split Squat by adding load, changing…

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September 2016 Newsletter

The September 2016 newsletter contains information on preventing ankle sprains.  Mike O'Hara, PT demonstrates exercises to prevent ankle inversion.  Meet Fenton Fitness member Gay Adams and read her story on staying strong during a difficult time, and learn about the suitcase carry--a better alternative to weighted sidebends. Download Here

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March 2016 Newsletter

This month's issue has information on the lumbopelvic hip complex including written/video exercises.  Mike O'Hara also gives information on unstable pressing exercises to improve posture and improve motor control and symmetry.  Also read about the Becoming Unstoppable clinic for athletes 13 years and older that will be help April 30th at Fenton Fitness. Download Here

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