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Miracle Fitness Mineral

Miracle Fitness Mineral Improve Every Aspect of Fitness with Daily Use of This Mineral It will enhance bone density better than calcium.  It will decrease muscle soreness more rapidly than magnesium.  It is more potent than potassium.  It will make you shinier than chromium and vaster than vanadium.  The miracle mineral you are missing is graphite.  Use of this long-neglected mineral will improve nearly every aspect of your fitness.  The dose required for success is minimal, so a single ten cent pencil should last you an entire year.  Read the remainder of this article on how to put this essential element into your training program. You need to purchase a note pad, binder, or log book to store the pencil…

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Curbing Binge Eating

Curbing Binge Eating Jenny was a new client a few years back. She started training four to five times per week consistently. She ate a healthy diet, most of the time. After three weeks of training and not seeing the scale budge, Jenny came to me with frustration. She did not understand why she wasn’t seeing her expected results when she was training consistently and “eating really well”. She began to wonder if she was eating too little, incorrect foods, or eating at the wrong times. Was there a supplement missing from her diet? What changes needed to be made in order for her to see results? I asked her to log her food intake and activity as accurately as…

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