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Vacation Workouts Made Easy–Part 6

Vacation Workouts Made Easy–Part 6

Vacation Workouts Made Easy–Part 6

Stairs and Side Planks

About once a month, I get requests from clients for a training plan they can do using minimal equipment while traveling in order to stay on track with their fitness program.  While it’s impossible to reap all the benefits of training with the diverse equipment found at a good training facility, exercising while traveling can help people maintain the habit of exercise and prevent the loss of fitness gains, especially during extended time away from traditional training.  One of the simplest things that can be done is to just be active.  Use the stairs instead of the elevator when traveling, park at the back of parking lots, walk or ride a bike whenever possible, etc.  Secondly, start and/or end the day with 5-10 minutes of mobility drills or stretching.  Below you will find some simple to perform exercises that can be done with zero equipment in virtually any setting.

Jeff Tirrell, CSCS, CSFC, Pn1

Walking/Running Stairs: Stairs are a great way to train the legs.  You can go quickly, run, or sprint up flights of stairs depending on your ability without the impact of running and quickly elevate your heart rate.  If you are somewhere with a lot of floors, you can go up 3-5 flights of stairs as quick as you’re able then walk slowly up a couple flights or take the elevator back down before repeating.

Side Plank: This is a great exercise for the lateral core (obliques) and glutes.  Lay on your side.  Place your elbow directly under your shoulder.  Stack your legs on top of each other.  Lift your hips off the ground and take deep breaths in through your nose and forcefully exhale out through your mouth.  If this is too difficult, you can bend your knees and stack your legs.  If the standard version is too easy, you can lift your bottom leg to make things more challenging.  Hold for 3-6 breaths and repeat for 2-3 sets.

Watch video of these exercises and variations here

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