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Take a video tour of Fenton Fitness.  Owner Mike O’Hara, Program Director Jeff Tirrell, and Sales and Marketing Director Amy Warner take you on a tour of the club, so you can see for yourself what we have to offer.  When you’re ready, take the next step and begin your 30 day trial at the club.   Get Started

 Fenton Fitness & Athletic Center

Buying A Gym Membership You Can Use

At Fenton Fitness, it’s not about buying a gym membership–it’s about buying a gym membership you can use.  We are a quality facility.  We employ well-educated and motivating trainers.  Our equipment and training programs are researched and updated to be the most progressive in the area.  Our focus is on our members.  We are results driven and work hard to create simple, unique programs to help you succeed.  Whatever your reason for getting started, we are ready to help.

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